St. John's postal workers calling for end to forced overtime

St. John's postal workers calling for end to forced overtime

Canada Post workers held a demonstration in St. John's Tuesday morning, in hopes the federal government will listen to their concerns about working conditions and what they feel is a declining standard of customer service.

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Dozens of Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) members, as well as family members and supporters, were outside of the Canada Post mail facility on Kenmount Road, holding signs and asking drivers to honk to show their support.

Workers feel they are being unfairly forced to work overtime, and want the guaranteed right to an eight hour work day.

Issues of workplace harassment and protection of human rights are also things they want addressed.

Craig Dyer, president of CUPW Local 126, St. John's, told CBC News the union feels working conditions and level of service deteriorated under Prime Minister Steven Harper.

Dyer says the union wants to hold new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accountable to promises he made during the federal election campaign.

"Enough is enough. Since October our workers have been working in conditions that we don't deserve," he said.

"Mr. Trudeau is on record that he wants to enhance the middle class. Well, he has an opportunity here now to take the overtime that's being worked and create jobs in our community at no cost to the Canadian citizens."

Declining customer service

While the forced overtime is the central issue workers wanted to highlight, Dyer added he feels Canadians are simply not getting the level of postal service they did in the past.

"People are not receiving their mail," he said.

"They're also affecting the lives of our members, their home lives. People with small children aren't seeing their children at night. There are plenty of jobs that can be created here in our community if they stop the forced overtime, and it's time to do it."

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