St. Mary’s council approves $9,000 tech purchase for seniors program

ST. MARY’S – Council for the Municipality of the District of St. Mary’s has approved spending more than $9,000 on equipment for a seniors program for which federal government funding details are not yet available.

Chief Administrative Officer Marissa Jordan told council’s committee of the whole meeting on Oct. 19 that the goods from Staples will help the municipality’s Community Development and Recreation Department launch its new Tech Savvy Seniors program.

“Our program will be starting soon, and to get started we do need to make some purchases,” she said. “The purchases for the program, collectively, is over the CAO’s spending budget … Most of the vendors are all the same amount in regards to the products that we are purchasing. So, we are just looking for council’s consideration to allow staff to make this purchase for Tech Savvy Seniors equipment from Staples for $9,418.78, plus HST.

Warden Greg Wier asked, “Is this a fifty-fifty funding, or is it a full funding?”

Jordan replied, “We don’t have details. We are not allowed to release details regarding the grant funding at this time.”

Said Jordan: “Once the announcement [of the new tech funding program] is done through the federal government, I can release the details surrounding the specifications … My apologies.”

Council approved the purchase of equipment from Staples.

Alec Bruce, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Guysborough Journal