St. Marys Town Council: Fire Hall update, Veterinary Purchasing expansion, and yard waste contract extension

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By Spencer Seymour, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Grant Brouwer, Director of Building and Development for the Town of St. Marys, called it a "good news" item at last Tuesday's St. Marys Town Council meeting.

Brouwer led the discussion on the proposed new site plan agreement for Veterinary Purchasing Limited and their site expansion. According to Brouwer, the company has merged several properties to create a larger plot of land, which would allow them to expand their facilities and, by extension, expand their operations. This consolidation of land was cited as the main reason the project experienced some delays. The lands being merged for the expansion include 10 Thames Road and 545 Queen Street West, which add to their current property, 485 Queen Street West. The company also retains ownership of 509 Queen Street West (formerly Imperial Oil Lands), but that property is not included in the development proposal.

Also of note is the project being considered essential amidst the pandemic. According to Chief Administrative Officer Brent Kittmer, it's the Town's understanding of the rules that it's up to the builder to determine if a project is essential, which, in this case, the builder has decided that the project should be given essential status. This means that should a building permit application be received, it will be reviewed under the normal application process. The council unanimously approved the site plan agreements.

Just before the Vet Purchasing approval, Brouwer also updated Council members on the fire hall renovation. He said the new fire hall is nearing completion and the hope is that the keys will be given to fire chief Richard Anderson by February 12th. The plan as of the meeting was for the contractor to be off the site by February 1st, allowing almost two weeks for staff to put together everything requiring assembly and move furniture into place. Tours of the new facility for firefighters are also going to be given.

Lastly, Jed Kelly from Public Works also spoke to Council regarding a contract extension negotiation with Barry's Handyman Service. The business has handled curbside leaf and yard waste collection in recent years and Town staff wants to extend that contract through next year so that it is in line with the Town's solid waste collection contract. Council approved a motion to direct Town staff to negotiate a new contract extension through 2022 for Barry's Handyman Service. A two-year contract extension with Nicholson Concrete to handle the Town's various sidewalk and curb works in 2021 and 2022 was also approved.

Spencer Seymour, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, St. Marys Independent