St. Ola boathouse letters sent out to occupants

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At the Limerick Township planning meeting on Dec. 21, an update was provided by Councillor Jan MacKillican on the letters sent out to the residents occupying the boathouses located on public lands at the St. Ola boat launch. In addition to the new Licence to Occupy bylaw and a current map of the area showing the location of the boathouses, a second letter was sent out with a correction on the application to state that the application cost is $2,500 over 25 years versus $1,500 as was originally stated within the application.

This whole process with the boathouses on the public lands at the St. Ola boat launch began when the township had wanted, under the authority of the Municipal Act 2001 S.O. Ministry of Natural Resources Policy Number PL 4.11.07, to implement a licencing structure for the boathouses in question. Back in April, the council had sent out a public notice to identify the occupants of these boathouses to register with the municipality to make sure they are represented in the licencing process. Ultimately, the cost to licence these boathouses is $2,500 for 25 years. The exception to this process is boathouse #3, as it is included within the owner’s roll number and taxes are paid on it.

MacKillican stated during the Dec. 21 meeting that the letters to the boathouse occupants were sent out on Nov. 30 with the bylaw via email and was also posted on the township’s website. This had been brought forth as a motion and passed at the last planning meeting on Nov. 16.

“Basically, the letters have gone out to the owners that we identified with the map and the bylaw. We did get an email within the last couple of days saying that there were issues with what we sent out and I’ll work with Victoria [Tisdale, clerk and treasurer of Limerick Township] on that. I think we need to just reissue the bylaw one more time, get rid of the section that refers to insurance from the township. We just need to check to make sure we have the right bylaw and the right map. There are two maps. An original one and then there’s two boathouses that aren’t on shore, number 15 and 16, so there was a second map done so we should make sure that final map gets out and we can send it out and say we’re still on track here. There’s been some revisions, and perhaps you didn’t get the right version but here it is once and for all.”

According to Mayor Carl Stefanski, no replies to the boathouse letters had been received as of Jan. 15, and the issue should be the first on the agenda at their next planning meeting, date and time to be decided soon.

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times