Standard develops Strategic Plan similar to the Province's

The Province of Alberta released a 2024-2027 Strategic Plan with plans to “Boost Alberta's Advantage” and “Investing in Albertans” to grow the economy, create more jobs and ensure Albertans have the best public services available to anyone who needs them.

The Village of Standard has released their 2024-2027 Strategic Plan and it will focus on four main priorities. By “Creating Opportunities” they will create ways for youth to get involved in leadership, provide the community with networking opportunities for service groups and employers, and they will build the amenities that their residents are looking for.

They plan to “Beautify the Village” by developing Centennial Park as a gathering place, and enhance Broadway to show off the heart of the community. Their “Economic Development” plan is to grow business by selling industrial lots that have recently been developed, and the Village will seek out options for “Self-Sufficiency” when it comes to energy efficiency.

The Villages “Vision Statement” for the Strategic Plan is, “We will ensure that our Village remains visually pleasing and environmentally sensitive. We will provide all services to residents that are within our means. Standard will continue to be a progressive, thrifty and ambitious community with substance and permanence.”

“Alberta’s story has always been one of growth and progress. We look and think ahead. The future is not something that comes to us; we move forward, we meet it and we build it,” states Alberta’s Premier Danille Smith in an open letter about the Province’s commitment with their Strategic Plan.

Amanda Ragsdale, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Drumheller Mail