Stanley Mission man gets 6 years for killing father with an axe

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Stanley Mission is 460 kilometres north of Saskatoon.  (Elizabeth Elich - image credit)
Stanley Mission is 460 kilometres north of Saskatoon. (Elizabeth Elich - image credit)

A Stanley Mission man who pleaded guilty to killing his father with an axe is going to prison.

"It was a tragedy," defence lawyer Brian Pfefferle said Monday.

Jamey Roberts died in September in his Stanley Mission home. RCMP discovered his dismembered body in a crawlspace after Roberts's sister had asked officers to check on his well being.

"The victim is deceased ... so the survivors are grieving his loss, and also the loss of the young man because they're supportive of him, too," Pfefferle said.

On Monday, 26-year-old Kane Roberts was sentenced to six years after pleading guilty to manslaughter in La Ronge provincial court.

An agreed statement of facts detailed what happened.

Kane Roberts had been diagnosed with schizophrenia as a teen and, at the time of the assault on his father, was supposed to be taking several medications. Medical records introduced as evidence showed that he had been not taking the medications and was out of contact with the psychiatrist, the statement said.

Jamey Roberts and the medical clinic in Stanley Mission were working to have Kane seen and to get medications prescribed again, the statement said.

On Sept. 26, RCMP in Stanley Mission were contacted by a family member who was concerned because she'd not heard from Jamey for a week. RCMP went to his home, where he lived with Kane, to check.

A constable knocked on the door and asked for Jamey Roberts.

"He heard a voice from inside the residence say, 'I'm fine,' " the statement said.

"Kane Roberts opened the blinds and looked at the constable from inside the residence. [The constable] observed that Kane was sweaty and shaking."

He would not let RCMP into the house. Officers heard a shotgun racking from inside, triggering an armed response, the statement said.

Negotiators eventually convinced Kane to leave the house. After clearing the house, officers found Jamey's decomposing body in the crawlspace,

In a statement to police, Kane said he'd had disagreements with his father over his four dogs and one cat. He had an upcoming jury summons and was afraid that Jamey would dispose of the animals in his absence.

"Kane Roberts admitted to waiting until his father was asleep, then hitting him with the blunt end of an axe between 5-6 times," the statement said.

"In the pre-sentence report, Kane advises that he had been drinking alcohol at the time. Kane then took steps to conceal the body in the crawlspace and minimize the odour by removing organs."

Both Pfefferle and prosecutor Ruth Fafard requested the court recommend that Roberts serve his sentence at the Regional Psychiatric Centre.