Star actor and author runs into group of kids, treats them to private reading of his book

B.J. Novak read his book to a group of kids who randomly crossed paths with him. Photo from Reddit.

A group of elementary school students received a private book reading when they randomly crossed paths with actor and author B.J. Novak.

Though he is perhaps best known for playing Ryan Howard on the television show The Office, Novak is also an accomplished writer. In 2014, he published the children’s book, “The Book With No Pictures.” It quickly shot to number one on The New York Times Picture Books list, where it stayed for 34 weeks.

Novak’s recent private book reading would likely have gone unreported, had the teacher of the lucky class in question not also been a user of the website Reddit. On Monday, she submitted a post titled, “Took my students for a walk and ran into B.J. Novak, he so kindly read his book to my students on the lawn of the school!

The teacher included two images, showing Novak sitting on a stone ledge outside an elementary school and reading his popular book to a group of youngsters.

Novak hails from Newton, Massachusetts, and this recent encounter likely occurred there because the teacher also included the following comment:

“He’s from the area. He did come to the schools in his hometown a few years ago and do readings from what I heard.”

She also divulged that she had to run into the library to grab the book so that Novak could read it.

And though the kids probably really enjoyed the reading, we’re guessing it was the teacher who got the biggest thrill. As one commenter pointed out, “Meeting an official ‘Hottest In The Office’ Dundie Winner is a true honor. These kids don’t even know.”