Star Trek fans part ways as Spock Days wrap up

Star Trek fans who had gathered in Vulcan for Spock Days are parting ways Sunday as the event wraps up for the year.

The town of Vulcan has hosted the weekend event annually for over 20 years. Organizers say it's a chance for the town to embrace its name and welcome some big names in Star Trek circles.

"Vulcan is unique in that it's not a Creaticon and it's not a fan-run convention," said Paul Carreau, one of the Star Trek fans at Spock Days. "It's a community-run convention so you can get up close and personal with the guest stars."

Some of the celebrities in attendance included RIck Sternbach, a senior illustrator on 'Star Trek: The Next Generation;' Robert Picardo, who played the holographic doctor in 'Star Trek Voyager;' and Ethan Philips, who plays the ship's officer and cook in 'Star Trek Voyager.'

Over the years, stars like Leonard Nemoy have stopped by the event.

Fans say the possibility of seeing their favourite characters is one of the things that draws them to Spock Days.

However, one of the most anticipated attractions wasn't quite ready to live long and prosper — Canada's only Star Trek museum was scheduled to open Saturday but had to put those plans on hold at the last minute.

Officials said that the project ran into setbacks and delays.

Yet that didn't deter fans from making the journey to Vulcan to connect with fellow Trekkies.

For many fans, it's an experience they hope to repeat again and again.

"I love it," said Star Trek fan Mayann Asmus. "I came last year and the year before and I've really gotten caught up in it."

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