Starbucks Launches New Line Of Merch Inspired By The Return Of Spring

Starbucks' spring merch line up
Starbucks' spring merch line up - Starbucks

The weather is warming up and the spring showers are starting, so it only makes sense that Starbucks is launching new merchandise inspired by the return of the season. We expect any Starbucks fan with a curated collection of branded reusable items will be impressed with the new spring cups, mugs, and tumblers in shades of pink, green, and white that were shared with Tasting Table via a press release from the coffee giant. The colors make them ideal fits for the lavender-based beverages dropped by Starbucks in March 2024 as part of its spring product lineup.

Available for purchase in stores, the nature-inspired collection features a total of four new cups. The 24-ounce Pearl White Bling Cold Cup has a textured white exterior and mint-green interior, and is equipped with a reusable straw, of course. But if you prefer to keep it classic with green, then consider the 24-ounce Sage Cold Cup adorned with the classic siren logo. Prefer a tumbler to avoid any potential spills? Then the 12-ounce Luster Tumbler designed with green, pink, and yellow graphics that look like plants or seaweed might work for your next coffee indulgence. (Just don't expect to find any of these cups on Starbucks' shuttered online merch store since it closed in 2017.)

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Earn Rewards Points And Save Some Cash With Starbucks Reusable Cups

Starbucks' Siren's Tail Mug
Starbucks' Siren's Tail Mug - Starbucks

If you prefer a traditional coffee cup, check out the new 14-ounce Siren's Tail Mug. The ceramic option has shades of green and purple that mimic a siren's tail, paying homage to the classic Starbucks logo. And don't forget you can always earn reward points when you use a reusable cup at Starbucks — and score a $0.10 discount — once you're able to land this new merch or with any of your current reusable tumblers.

To round out Starbucks' latest seasonal news, the chain also announced its 'Spring It On' Virtual Scavenger Hunt. Starting on April 2, you can immerse yourself in a "3D spring-themed Starbucks village" with characters like Coffee Classic and Lavender Lover. Complete challenges like collecting as much lavender in the virtual world as possible in 45 seconds. After you've scored at least five points, you'll get to redeem a coupon with your account. All that's left is to make a purchase at Starbucks between April 6 and 7, at which point you'll receive 100 Starbucks Rewards points. That's enough to get a free brewed hot or iced coffee, tea, or bakery item. Want more spring-related Starbucks news? Check out these hacks to elevate Starbucks' new lavender drinks like adding extra scoops of lavender powder or requesting floral-flavored cold foam.

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