Start of new projects 2022 highlight for Hudson Bay mayor

Hudson Bay mayor Betty Lou Palko said she is very proud of her community and the projects that were completed in 2022 and the projects that continue into 2023.

She is new to the position since October as the previous mayor recently stepped down for personal reasons. Palko had been on council for 20 years so her recent change in chair has not come with too many obstacles.

Palko highlighted the purchase of a new “Bay Bus”. This van travels back and forth from Hudson Bay to Saskatoon three days a week taking people to appointments. It is primarily used for medical appointments but can be used for other purposes. She said they welcome pick-ups from Tisdale and Melfort.

She also said they began construction of a new outdoor swimming pool. The community jumped on board to fundraise and are hopeful that it will be completed the summer of 2023. The ICIP (Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program) grant money was received for this project. The federal government will contribute $639,120 (40 per cent of the project), the provincial government $532,547 (33.33 per cent), while the town will contribute $426,130 (26.67 per cent). The Town of Hudson Bay is also replacing the change/shower house, which is not included in the above project costs. Chief administrative officer Teresa Parkman said the approximate cost for the new pool, with an upgrade to the waterslide, will be $1.9 million.

The Town of Hudson Bay also is rebuilding a new lift station and force main. The ICIP (Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program) grant money was received for the new lift station and force main. The total for this project is estimated at $3.59 million, with 40 per cent from the federal government ($1.4 million), 33.33 per cent from the provincial ($1.2 million). The town will be responsible for the remaining 26.67 per cent ($957,453).

The Town of Hudson Bay continues to build onto their walking trails east of town to connect with the walking trail already in place. There is now a trail that completely circles the community.

Palko also spoke about Sept. 17 and the “Celebrate Hudson Bay” event. It did make us Hudson Bay Proud, she said. Many community organizations participated as cultural events, children’s activities, fireworks and food prevailed all throughout town.

Palko said she is proud of her community and its many hard-working volunteers. We are fortunate to live in the beautiful forest and in a clean, progressive community, she said.

The mayor praised the staff on all their hard work on receiving grants to make projects of this magnitude happen.

Nicole Goldsworthy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal