A state inspector found moldy fruit, mouse poop and dead roaches in a Miami Walmart

Fruit unfit for human consumption and evidence of roaches and rodents helped a Miami Walmart Supercenter grocery fail state inspection on Wednesday.

Unlike Department of Business and Professional Regulation inspections of restaurants, Florida Department of Agriculture inspections that get the lowest result of “Re-Inspection Required” doesn’t shut down the supermarket, convenience store, food distributor, food processor, retail bakery or wholesale bakery. But, an inspector can hit equipment or areas with Stop Use Orders that can make operations inconvenient or impossible.

Inspector Simeon Carrero didn’t have to whip out any Stop Use Orders at 3200 NW 79th St. Wednesday. But, he did find a number of problems.

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The handwashing sink in the meat department’s backroom area didn’t have paper towels, leaving employee hands dripping after washing.

Two of the slicers in the deli department had been in use for over four hours without being washed. Another one that wasn’t in use still had “old debris.”

Also in the deli area, an employee wore gloves but touched a door, hair nets, equipment, “then proceeded to work with open foods with the same gloves.”

In the produce area’s cold holding unit, there were strawberries with mold and “several spoiled mangoes” in a display

Whatever was wrong with the mangoes didn’t bother the flies because Inspector Carrerro saw “several small flies above mangoes display.”

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In the backroom area, the inspector saw “several coolers and freezers with soil, debris and ice build up.”

The backroom food storage area had “soil, debris, several old mouse excreta and dead roaches.”