Staying alive: How to survive a fall through the ice

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    Here's an easier thing: don't go running on frozen bodies of water
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    Over 50
    Stay on the sidewalk!
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    Not hard to tell who the southern city people are. Heres a little fact for you, when you live where the geography is pretty much 25% land 75% water and have 6 months winter you are bound to go on ice. As for stay on the side walk, who in hell has sidewalks? thats a southern thing, dont have them in the north because the frost heave destroys them. Geez some people need to get out more
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    Be nice, stay out of your ice..
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    he is wearing the picks absolutely 100% wrong, great way to lose them. You string them inside yous coat before you go on the ice that way each one is up your sleeve in your coat. You put them around your neck outside your coat you will lose them every single time And no you wont stab yourself, they have spring loaded covers over the tips.