Stellantis temporarily rehires more than 100 workers ahead of holidays due to vaccines, leaves

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Employees inside the Windsor Assembly Plant in 2020.  (Submitted by FCA Canada - image credit)
Employees inside the Windsor Assembly Plant in 2020. (Submitted by FCA Canada - image credit)

More than 100 auto workers have returned to work at Stellantis' Windsor Assembly Plant ahead of the holiday season to fill in for people on leave or getting vaccines, according to the union.

Unifor Local 444 president Dave Cassidy said some former third shift workers, who were let go last year, have been called in for temporary work. Cassidy told CBC News Tuesday that with some employees on leave of absences, on holidays or getting their vaccine, the union committee was able to negotiate with Stellantis to bring some people back in.

"The reality is we needed them because people are going to get their vaccines," Cassidy said, adding that people are allowed to take three paid sick days after getting the shot as per provincial guidelines.

"We have a vaccine mandate obviously and ... and on top of that people are going to receive booster shots and they were concerned about manpower .. we've got to make sure we get these vans out for the end of the year."

Yet, Cassidy said this is not indicative of a return of the 3rd shift and that the work is for an unknown, but temporary amount of time.

Workers returned back to the plant on Monday.

He said there's benefits to workers picking up shifts at this time, including holiday pay and having their benefits reinstated.

"It's a real good thing just before the holidays, people have an opportunity to work and make some money," he said.

"Majority of them are happy ... the reality is they're putting some extra money in their pocket prior to Christmas, qualifies them for holiday pay and we'll see what happens when the New Year comes around."

Some people, Cassidy said, agreed to return but are working another job that they got after being laid off.

In January, he said the plant is expected to shut down for three weeks due to the semiconductor chip shortage.

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