Steph Curry did the LeBron Challenge next to Kyrie Irving and people are losing it

Melissa Caskey
Melissa Caskey

Not only did Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving attend Harrison Barnes’ wedding over the weekend, but they nearly overshadowed any and all festivities by tapping into the “LeBron James Challenge.”

The NBA offseason continues to be the best offseason because of moments like this:

And while Steph did his thing, Kyrie Irving was clearly visible, laughing and cheering on the mockery.

Some background: The #LeBronJamesChallenge started back in June when LeBron posted a workout video of himself mean mugging and rapping to Tee Grizzly’s “First Day Out.” And now we can confirm Steph Curry definitely saw the video.

Some of our favorite reactions to Steph’s #LeBronJamesChallenge: