Stephen Amell claps back at body shamers after sharing shirtless photo: 'I’m in tremendous shape and I’m strong as s***'

It’s going to take a lot more than social media trolls to take down Stephen Amell’s body confidence.

This week, the Arrow and Heels star clapped back at commenters who criticized his physique after he posted a shirtless photo of himself, in a pair of hot-pink shorts and flip-flops, over the weekend.

“Happy Saturday. Pop on some pink shorts and read Gary’s book. But only if you want to be smarter,” he captioned the photo, which shows him holding a copy of Gary Janetti‘s book Do You Mind If I Cancel?

While the vast majority of comments were positive, some criticized how his body has changed since his time on Arrow.

“Where is the sixpack?” one commenter wrote, with another adding, “What happened to the Arrow body?”

“Where is Oliver queen’s physique?” a fan wrote, referencing his character on The CW series, while another chimed in, “Where are those Arrow abs?”

Amell clearly read the comments because the next day he took to Facebook to address the feedback, making it known that he doesn’t care to coddle any of the trolls.

“Public service announcement: I’m 6’1 inches tall and 208 lbs,” he wrote. “I’m in tremendous shape and I’m strong as s***. I’m a 24 hour juice cleanse away from blowing the season 1 poster for Arrow out of the water. We did the photography for that poster a little over 9 years ago. Next time I post a photo in my hot pink skivvies, I’ll try and remember to flex!”

He concluded, “And if that isn’t good enough, send me your address. I will show up to steal your boyfriend or your girlfriend.”

The clapback was welcomed by a slew of supportive fans, most of whom applauded his courage and made clear that his body was indeed up to par.

“I guess there are some people who are unhappy with their life that they try to make others feel as they do,” a fan wrote. “Congrats to you Stephen for not letting those small people get to you.”

“[You're] 6'1 and a handsome piece of work, you may get people [to] judge you, but who cares they should look in the mirror before opening their mouths,” another added. This day and age it's not about how you look it's about what makes you happy and personality. This is what makes you, You!”

“You are in great shape, wish I had half your energy and fitness,” a commenter wrote. “You have a gorgeous family, brilliant career and seem like a lovely person.”

“For the record, I've adored you for years. You are on my hall pass list. So if you are ever in Australia you have a bed to sleep in,” a fan quipped.

"A person only tears down another person when they are unhappy with themselves," another added. "Rock those pink skivvies! You look amazing. Your wife is one lucky lady!"