Stephen Colbert calls Windsor the 'Earth's rectum'

Comedian Stephen Colbert has once again taken a swipe at Windsor.

In his latest jab, Colbert calls Windsor “the Earth’s rectum.”

The insult comes in his new book, America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t.

In a chapter about green energy, Colbert writes:

“Before we can harness geothermal power, we have to take the planet’s temperature with a geothermometer. And I have no idea where the Earth’s rectum is!”

A footnote at the bottom of the page simply reads “Windsor, Canada.”

There is the off-chance Colbert could be referencing Windsor, N.S., since the footnote does not mention Ontario. There is also Grand Falls-Windsor, N.L.

Five years ago, Colbert called Windsor, Ont., "the worst place on Earth” during his Word segment on The Colbert Report.

A spokesperson for Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis said the mayor is aware his city is once again the butt of a Colbert joke.

The mayor has yet to comment.

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