Stephen Colbert claims Fox News went ad-free to keep viewers from ‘accidentally learning information’

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Thursday, following the January 6 Committee’s hearing, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert went live. Colbert reacted to the most talked about moments from the two-hour broadcast, and skewered both Republicans and Fox News in the process.

“Republicans tried to claim that tonight was going to be a nothing burger,” Colbert said, near the top of his opening monologue. “They were wrong. It was a juicy double cheeseburger, stuffed with a burger, between two buns made of burger, smothered in a zesty burger sauce.”

Fox News opted not to air the hearing, which was broadcast live on ABC, NBC, CBS, and most cable news stations. Instead, they ran their two premiere evening programs, Tucker Carlson Tonight and Hannity. But Colbert found it particularly odd that neither show cut away to commercials.

“Do you understand what that means?” he asked the audience. “Fox News is willing to lose money to keep their viewers from flipping over and accidentally learning information… I'm really not surprised — that's the first rule of any cult: never leave the compound.”

But the biggest laugh from the audience came when Colbert set his sights on former president Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump. The former president’s daughter appeared on video in the hearing, and stated that she believed Attorney General William Barr when he said there was no wide-spread voter fraud. Colbert pointed out that her testimony may make things awkward at the next family dinner.

“That must have been a bittersweet moment for the former president,” Colbert said. “She finally screwed him.”

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