Stephen Colbert Gives Trump Pal Steve Bannon A Stinging Prison Send-Off

Stephen Colbert told viewers Tuesday that longtime Donald Trump ally Steve Bannon won’t get his wish to serve his four-month prison sentence for contempt of Congress in a relatively cushy “Club Fed” facility.

As reported by CNN, Bannon will instead do his time in the more restrictive environment of a low-security prison, which means he could be locked up with violent offenders.

“But if he’s not in a cushy white-collar prison, how will Bannon maintain his meticulous personal grooming?” Colbert joked.

Bannon, who faces another possible prison sentence in a separate fraud case going to trial in September, is known for dressing down, often wearing shirts over his shirts. In 2018, Trump gave him the nickname “Sloppy Steve.”

See more in Colbert’s Tuesday night “Late Show” monologue: