Stephen Colbert Investigates Room Where Alleged Trump ‘Pee-Pee Tape’ Was Made

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert traveled to Moscow, where the crew visited the Ritz-Carlton presidential suite in search of evidence. The evidence they were looking for was in reference to the alleged “golden shower” that President Trump received from prostitutes. It is rumored that there is a video of the incident, and Colbert was hoping to find something to substantiate that claim.

After his initial inspection, Colbert said, “When you are in this room, I just don’t know how to describe it — you are soaked in history. It washes over you. It’s not even like it’s in the past — you’re in history.”

Once Colbert finished with the puns, he started to do some top-notch detective work. He walked the audience through possible scenarios saying, “It could have been on this bench down here, though I doubt it because that is what you’d call the splash zone. You are going to want to wear a poncho.”

In the end, Colbert even examined the room with a black light. But the only evidence he found was some graffiti that could have been left by anyone. The graffiti read, “Fake news, never happened, sad.”

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