Stephen Colbert Ridicules Donald Trump's Baffling Dig At Joe Biden

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert on Monday taunted Donald Trump for stating the obvious with one aspect of his latest attack on President Joe Biden.

During a weekend rally in Iowa, Trump slammed Biden as a “Manchurian candidate,” a reference to Richard Condon’s 1959 novel about the son of an important political family who is brainwashed into becoming an assassin for communists. The book has been adapted twice for the big screen.

“Now we have a Manchurian Candidate in the Oval Office,” said Trump. “Go watch the movie, it was pretty good. Not as bad as the real thing. That’s one thing. The real thing is even worse.”

“Well, yeah!!” Colbert commented. “Usually bad things that happen in real life are worse than them happening in movies.”

He then jumped into character as Trump with a mocking riff on horror film, “The Ring.”

Watch the video here: