Stephen Fry says 'EastEnders' fails to be funny enough

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Stephen Fry doesn't think 'EastEnders' is funny enough. (PA)

Stephen Fry has had a little pop at EastEnders, saying it isn't funny enough.

The broadcaster and comedian suggested that the BBC soap about life in Albert Square misses the mark when it comes to humour - unlike its ITV rival Coronation Street.

Speaking to Clive Anderson on the My Seven Wonders podcast, Fry said he doesn’t think EastEnders really reflects real life.

"The joke about EastEnders is, 'It's very true to life'… but actually where it fails so often, unlike Coronation Street - at least, I haven't seen them for years so forgive me if I'm wrong - is that it isn't as funny," said the star.

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Danny Dyer as Mick Carter in 'EastEnders'. (BBC - Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Fry - who found fame as half of the comic double act Fry and Laurie, with Hugh Laurie - said that in his opinion "people are, whatever their situation, they are usually joking".

He went on: "You look at a market in the East End of London or in Huddersfield or in Edinburgh, it doesn’t matter where you are, there are usually people joking with each other.

"Even if it’s a cheap silly joke about the weather being lovely when it’s raining, you know, a very basic piece of sarcasm."

File photo dated 10/12/19 of Stephen Fry, who has urged people to be kind to themselves during the third lockdown and not to
Stephen Fry says people use humour to get through things. (PA)

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The QI star, 63, said that modern writers and dramatists should not forget that in real life people frequently cope with things by using humour.

"That’s how people are - we get through life by laughing," added the star.

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