Stephenville dance studio to offer classes in tap, ballet — and science

Nomad Stages/Facebook

A new dance studio in Stephenville will be teaching both the two-step and counting by twos by offering math and science classes in addition to tap and ballet.

LouAnn Davis, the owner and director of Nomad Stages, says her studio will offer the first full-time dance program in the Bay St. George area, with the usual range of classes. 

"We have classes in tap, and jazz and ballet, musical theatre, we have an easy class for adults, we have a toddler time class," she said.

"We have lots of variety for people to pick from."

Nomad Stages/Facebook

The more unusual part of Davis's studio is what is offered outside of the arts. 

In addition to music and art lessons, she said her job as an elementary school teacher in Stephenville Crossing showed her the significant interest in STEM careers — science, technology, engineering and math.

"I teach music, but I also teach science and I know that science is an area that, in terms of professions and jobs, it's a growing area," said Davis.

"And kids love science, they love anything hands-on … I had a space available and I decided to look for a science teacher."

Activities for everybody

Davis said she wants to give young people options for after-school activities beyond just sports. 

"I have two children, and it's sometimes hard to find activities that appeal to everybody," she said.

"There's lots of sports programs here, but [I'm trying] to offer things for people who have other interests, dance, and music, performing and the sciences."

The STEM programs are expected to start next week, Davis said, and will run for eight weeks with different themes for each class, like flight, electricity and coding.

Davis said there's been a good response so far, with over 100 people signed up for classes so far.

She said the studio will have its grand opening on Feb. 15 and there are still spaces available in the classes

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