Stettler town council approves $348k worth of new vehicles

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Stettler town council approved the purchase of over $340,000 worth of new vehicles after examining the results of two tenders. The decisions were made at the July 6 regular meeting of council.

The results of two tenders for new vehicles were presented one at a time by Director of Operations Melissa Robbins

Sidewalk vehicle

Robbins presented the results of a tender for a new municipal sidewalk tractor for which $160,000 had been budgeted by council in the 2021 capital budget.

“The request for proposal was posted on Alberta Purchasing Connection and the following submissions were received for a base model municipal sidewalk tractor,” stated Robbins in her first memo to council.

“Various attachments were priced separately and a line item for the trade in value of the existing 2008 Trackless (brand) municipal sidewalk tractor was included in the proposals.”

Robbins stated four bids were received: a Willie brand vehicle from Superior Truck Equipment Inc. for $130,790 with a trade-in value for the old vehicle of $17,500; MacLean brand vehicle from CubeX Equipment Ltd. for $125,647 and a trade-in offer of $8,000; Trackless brand vehicle from FST Canada Inc. for $142,935 with a trade-in offer of $12,500 and lastly a Holder brand vehicle from Westvac Industrial Ltd. For $174,013, who also declined to take the old vehicle on a trade-in.

“Staff evaluations of all machines were completed and the Willie was the preferred model because of pricing, serviceability, ride functions and overall operations,” stated Robbins in her memo, who also noted the Westvac vehicle was left out of trials because of the price.

“Reference checks from other municipalities who own the Willie municipal tractor were all positive.”

She noted the vehicle required some attachments for the various jobs it would perform on local sidewalks: Rotary angle broom, rear sand spreader, five position blade, small boom mounted water tank, water tank adaptor for Public Works and three year extended warranty/3,000 hours.

Robbins stated the final price, including attachments and trade-in of the old unit would be $152,520 excluding GST, below the budgeted amount and it was her recommendation that the town accept this offer.

Councillors unanimously approved the offer from Superior Truck Equipment Inc. for the Willie vehicle.

Tandem truck

The director of operations presented the results of a search for a new tandem truck for the Town of Stettler, complicated by the scarcity of 2021 models.

“Because of the known delivery delays with obtaining a new 2021 tandem, optional proposals were accepted for in stock tandems,” stated Robbins, who added that council had previously approved $200,000 in the 2021 capital budget for such a vehicle.

“The request for proposal was posted on Alberta Purchasing Connection,” stated Robbins. “Industrial Machine Inc., Viking Cives Ltd., Glover International Trucks Ltd., and New West Freightliner all submitted multiple proposals ranging from 2019-2021 models with varying pricing of $155,000 - $237,500.

“The delivery dates of 2021 models from all dealerships are the second quarter of 2022. Based on that and the current state of the existing 2009 tandem, administration is recommending the purchase of a new HX615 2020 tandem, with Renn gravel box with sander connection capability from Glover International Trucks Ltd.

“The truck was viewed in Red Deer and meets all our required specifications and has a one month delivery. The truck price is $186,096.25 excluding GST.” Robbins stated in her report Glover declined the take the old 2009 truck on trade, so the town will sell it themselves.

Councillors unanimously agreed to purchase the International for a total price of $195,635.25, including extra warranty, plus tax.

Stu Salkeld, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, East Central Alberta Review

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