Are Stevan and Alara from 'Perfect Match' season 2 still together?

Stevan Ditter and Alara Taner couple up in "Perfect Match" season two, episode four.
Stevan Ditter and Alara Taneri couple up in "Perfect Match" season two, episode four.Courtesy of Netflix
  • Stevan Ditter and Alara Taneri are one of the most consistent couples in "Perfect Match" season two.

  • They've quickly become a fan favorite due to their loyalty to each other.

  • Here's what we know about their relationship on the show and whether they are still together.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for "Perfect Match" season two.

Stevan Ditter and Alara Taneri may be the strongest couple in "Perfect Match" season two, but they broke up after the show ended.

The pair originally appeared in two separate Netflix series, "Too Hot To Handle" and "Dated & Related."

"Perfect Match" series draws together contestants from across Netflix's reality show slate and gives cast members a second chance at love (or boosting their fame). Stevan and Alara seemed to be more focused on the love part.

The couple met for the first time when they are paired on a date in episode three. At the time, Stevan was matched with another contestant, Xanthi Perdikomatis, but he immediately gelled with Alara and chose to match with her in the next coupling session.

After that, the pair became totally focused on each other, even when sent on dates with other contestants. They made it to the season two final together but were not chosen as the winning couple.

Unfortunately, their relationship did not last.

On Monday, Netflix shared a clip with the season two cast where Stevan and Alara said they broke up after going on holiday together.

Alara said Stevan ghosted her, while Stevan said it was too complicated to maintain their relationship.

"I honestly just didn't have time to carry on a relationship, let alone one that was overseas," Stevan said.

Here's what we know about their relationship.

Stevan doesn't follow Alara on Instagram.

Stevan Ditter and Alara Taneri in a matching red outfit in "Perfect Match" season two, episode nine.
Stevan Ditter and Alara Taneri in a matching red outfit in "Perfect Match" season two, episode nine.Courtesy of Netflix

The biggest clue that Stevan and Alara are no longer seeing each other is who they're following on Instagram.

Alara follows Stevan, but Stevan does not follow her back even though he does follow some of his other "Perfect Match" costars.

"Perfect Match" contestant Harry Jowsey said on the latest episode of his podcast released on June 11, "Boyfriend Material with Harry Jowsey," that Stevan is currently dating someone.

Harry mentioned the girlfriend while apologizing for lying that Stevan had sex with Holly Scarfone while filming "Perfect Match" season two.

"He's also happily in a relationship, so I'm deeply sorry to his girlfriend for saying that," Harry said.

In June, Stevan told Entertainment Tonight he was in a relationship with someone outside the reality TV show universe.

Alara lives with another "Perfect Match" contestant in LA.

Initially, Stevan and Alara lived far from one another: she in London and he in Los Angeles.

On June 2, "Perfect Match" season two star Micah Lussier said in a TikTok video that she had moved to LA and was living temporarily with Alara.

It's unclear when Alara moved to LA or into the apartment with Micah. But it seems she is more focused on her friendships than dating.

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