Steve Harvey: 'This is the greatest act I've ever seen'

Steve Harvey couldn't believe what was happening on the Little Big Shots stage when Ethiopian duo, The Kiriku Brothers, brought their high-flying act to the show. The kids, apparently, met at circus camp, as kids do, and practice their routine for four hours every day. Which is necessary if you're going to be pulling off the crazy stunts these kids were performing.

The Kiriku Brothers were assisted by two gentlemen who were laying on their backs with their feet up in the air. The two kids were precariously perched atop of the feet of the two gentlemen, who proceeded to flip the kids around up in the air. The Kiriku Brothers were flipped back and forth between the two guys and spun around and around.

Steve was so impressed with the act, that he proclaimed, "This is the greatest act I've ever seen on Little Big Shots!"

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