Steve Harvey shows off his sweet dance moves with ‘DWTS’ pro

Kylie Mar
Host & Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On Celebrity Family Feud, it was Dancing With the Stars vs. Shark Tank and the professional dancers were thinking, if we came on Steve Harvey’s show, it’s only right he come on ours.

It all started when Harvey approached Sasha Farber to ask him about getting engaged on an episode of DWTS. Farber shared, “I did, to the love of my life. Scariest episode of my life.” He then suggested to Harvey that he go on the show, which made the rest of the dancers immediately excited. Soon, they were all teaming up against Harvey and egging him on to bust out some of his dance moves. Despite Harvey’s attempt to claim that he’s “not that great of a dancer”, DWTS pro Kym Johnson was already at Harvey’s side ready to dance with the host. Turns out, Harvey was just being modest because after a couple of seconds of playing coy, he was showing off his fancy footwork.

It was a great mini performance and everyone was thoroughly enjoying it. That is, except for Johnson’s Shark Tank husband, Robert Herjavec, who told Harvey, “That’s my wife, Steve!” Harvey responded, “No, listen. Listen. Robert, that’s why I stopped,” to which Herjavec jokingly replied, “You were very close there.”

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