Steve Kerr on coaching USA Basketball: ‘This is a lot harder than people realize’

The Golden State Warriors head coach spoke on Monday about his new role leading the men’s national team through the year 2024.

Video Transcript

STEVE KERR: Part of the reason that Coach K and Gregg Popovich are Hall of Fame coaches is because they've enjoyed the challenge. They've enjoyed the pressure. That's part of it. I think when we choose this profession at this level, we understand exactly what we're getting into. But with a great challenge comes great reward and satisfaction.

And this is really probably a lot harder than people realize, especially given the growth of the game globally, how many good players there are out there, how many strong teams there are out there. But this is something that I embrace. Will I feel the pressure? Absolutely. We all will.

But that's kind of the point. It's competition. And we all love to compete, and that's why we do this. I love-- love my job. I've loved coaching since the first day, you know, eight years ago.

And when an opportunity like this comes along, you don't stop and say, well, I wonder what my legacy will be. You just-- you say, I'm-- man, I can't wait to dive in with the players and the coaches. And you go for it. And when all the dust settles, you just-- you keep going forward. And hopefully we will put together a great team and a great effort. And we'll see how we do [INAUDIBLE].

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