Stewart plans to lease water lots near World Port

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The District of Stewart intends to lease lots for industrial use, but interested parties should be ready to get wet.

The district is inviting proposals to use what is called the “Stewart Log Dump” and associated water lots, located near the Stewart World Port. The lots were previously used as a log dumping, sorting, storage and scaling area covering 32.5 hectares. There is a 2.9 hectare land component that includes some of the road leading to the port.

Basic rent for the area is expected to start at $0.11 per square foot of land and $12,000 annually for each water lot. Government fees and taxes will be added to the cost of rent.

Stewart expects the lease agreement to last three years with a mutual option to extend that another three years. Proponents must maintain existing infrastructure like the road and comply with environmental and safety regulation. Proponents must submit a management plan and not interfere with or restrict the port.

The closing date for proposals is Nov. 23, 2020.

Ben Bogstie, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Interior News