Stojo cups conveniently green

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An interesting product checks all the right boxes.

The environmentally friendly Stojo collapsible containers could become your next go-to portable cup or water bottle.

The containers open and fold like an accordion and are perfect for travellers or when you’re on the go and have no place for that large 16-ounce refillable cup. When collapsed, they become a leak-proof disc.

They’re made of strong, food grade silicone, polypropylene or recyclable plastic. They’re free of BPAs, BPSs and phthalates.

What’s more is these go-anywhere companions are dishwasher safe and can hold anything that fits – hot or cold, literally from fruits to nuts!

The Stojo products were designed by New York dads, who were always on the go. They wanted to create the first ultra-portable, leak-proof reusable cup.

It really does live up to the company motto: “have fun with less.” Stojo, like many people today, are on a mission to end aspects of our disposable culture.

The environmental benefits are impressive. The company estimates that one Stojo product annually saves 23 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, 281 gallons of water and 16 pounds of solid waste.

The cups range from 8 to a whopping 24 ounces, and $12 to $25. The bottle comes in a standard 20-ounce size.

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Mark Pavilons, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, King Weekly Sentinel