Stolen sick kitten returned to Red Deer pet store

A two-month-old sick kitten is back in good hands six days after she was taken from the adoption centre at the Petland store in Red Deer.

A man approached a stranger in the parking lot and asked him to take the kitten into the pet store, Alberta Animal Services operations director Erica Coomber told CBC Thursday.

"I'm still in shock that she's actually been returned," she said. "The person that took Kennedy ...  had a big enough heart to return her because they saw she needed medical attention. That's what I believe."

Kennedy was stolen April 7 from the pet shop. RCMP sent out a release on Wednesday with a picture of the cat and the suspect caught on video surveillance. The suspected thief has not been identified. 

Police said the kitten suffered from a respiratory infection and required medical attention. Coomber said Kennedy's condition could be life-threatening if the kitten wasn't treated. 

The man who handed the cat to a stranger to return to the store hasn't been identified either, though Coomber said her staff are happy she was returned.

"All the Petland staff are just over-the-moon happy," she said. "They all felt sick about the situation. Everyone's pretty much jumping up for joy and just so happy that she's OK."

Coomber said Kennedy is at a veterinary clinic being checked out, and when she's better, she'll go back to Petland to be put up for adoption.