A Stolen Tesla Reportedly Ran Out of Battery During a Car Chase

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Stolen Tesla Runs Out of Battery During Car ChaseLisa Linke

Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to lead police on a chase through Los Angeles in a stolen car. This is doubly true in a modern EV, which is very likely to have extensive tracking measures and other protection against thefts. A stolen EV also comes with another risk: It might be low on battery, and that could end with you grinding to a halt in someone else's Tesla Model S with the LAPD following close behind.

That, local station FOX 11 reports, is what happened to a driver in Los Angeles late Thursday night. The car, which belongs to FOX 11 reporter Susan Hisaruna, was apparently stolen while Hisaruna attended a concert in West Hollywood. By the time she discovered that the car was taken, Los Angeles Police had already tried to stop the car for reckless driving. She learned from the Tesla app that her car had just 15 miles of range left, which pursuing officers decided was a low enough number to just ride out by continuing a chase until the car came to a stop. The suspect was later arrested, while the car was held longer as part of an apparent investigation into an assault involving an axe and non-life threatening injuries.

Let this be a lesson: If you absolutely have to steal a car and lead police on a chase through Los Angeles, think about your getaway car options thoroughly. Fifteen miles of range is simply not enough to make your escape.

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