Stop-work orders lifted at Muskrat Falls powerhouse, Nalcor says

Two stop-work orders issued for parts of the powerhouse at the Muskrat Falls site following a close call with an electrified cable have been lifted, Nalcor Energy says.

Occupational Health and Safety issued the orders to Cahill Ganotec and Andritz Hydro, both working on the powerhouse structure in mid-October. 

Electrical work in the powerhouse was temporarily on hold, following what Service NL calls a "high-potential near miss" of accidental contact with an "energized cable" on Oct. 18.

However, all other work continued.

"Following a full safety review with contractors at site, all work activities covered by the stop work orders have restarted in the powerhouse," Nalcor Energy said Tuesday.

"We are focused on the safety of everyone working on our site. As we restart this work, we will require diligence by all contractors and workers to ensure that safety is always top of mind."

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