Stop sign denied on Ausburg Road

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Eganville – Although speeding continues to be an issue on the Augsburg Road, a stop sign at Klingbeil Street isn’t the answer, Works Supervisor Jason Zohr told Bonnechere Valley council last Tuesday.

“There was significant speeding and I don’t feel the stop signs are going to help the issue with the speeding,” he said during a committee meeting of council. “You can’t put a stop sign to stop people speeding.”

The traffic count is under the 350 vehicles per hour criteria at this stretch so a stop sign is not warranted, he said.

Council had a request last month from a property owner concerned about the speeding on Augsburg Road, especially where Klingbeil Street comes onto it and the area beyond. The resident noted there is a lot of speeding in the area and it is a built-up area just outside the village of Eganville. Council had waited for a recommendation from Mr. Zohr and an update on the speeding sign information. He provided his recommendation against a stop sign as part of his monthly report to council.

“That is a shame,” Mayor Jennifer Murphy said. “It is very built up in there. There are a lot of kids.”

Speeding is “substantial” there, she added. “Speeding is pervasive all over,” she said. “I live on the 401 over the weekend.”

The issue of speeding on the Augsburg Road is substantial and she hopes the OPP are taking it seriously, especially on Friday afternoons and long weekends.

“Much like Foymount there are a lot of kids that live down that road,” she said.

Councillor Merv Buckwald said the pedestrian sign on Bonnechere Lodge Road has worked. There had been a previous request to lower the speed limit there.

“It seems people have slowed down and taken more caution,” he said.

Maybe a “children playing” sign for Augsburg would work too, the mayor said.

Councillor Tim Schison said a stop sign slows people down at the stop sign and 30 feet after. However, as soon as the road is upgraded/repaired, people tend to speed.

“We are always on that situation where I don’t like speed bumps but the thing is we might as well leave the potholes there if we are going to put speed bumps in,” he said. “The outcome is always the same when we fix the road. I don’t know how to get common sense into people.”

“It just seems worse now,” the mayor said.

Coun. Schison said there is an increase in speeding.

“I’ve noticed a lot more speeding everywhere,” he said, even on Highway 41.

Mayor Murphy said even Lett’s Cemetery Road is very busy. She said she asked North Algona Wilberforce Mayor James Brose when his township changed the speed limit to 120 kilometres an hour there, noting she was being passed on the road by people going quite rapidly.

Debbi Christinck, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Eganville Leader

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