Meteorologist warns motorists to rethink plans as southern Saskatchewan braces for storm

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Motorists should rethink any non-essential plans to venture out in Southern Saskatchewan Monday evening and Tuesday, says one meteorologist.

Much of southern Saskatchewan, including the city of Regina, is bracing for a December storm. Heavy snowfall warnings have been issued. A strong low pressure system could bring gusty winds and as much as 20 centimetres of snow for some regions.

"I would advise people that have plans for traveling on Tuesday that they rethink those plans just because there is going to be quite a bit of snow," said Terri Lang of Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Lang said driving conditions could be even worse near the US. border, where freezing rain is expected.

She said it's not all bad news. The storm could bring much-needed moisture to some regions in the southeast. That will be appreciated by farmers and kids hoping to build snow forts.

"This will most certainly put snow on the ground for them. Because temperatures are dropping behind this weather system, that means that snow will stick around into Christmas and make for a white Christmas," she said.

Environment Canada
Environment Canada

Environment Canada predicts the storm will begin in the southwest Monday evening and make its way east to the Manitoba border by Tuesday morning. The heaviest snow is expected to fall in an area centred on the Trans-Canada Highway.