Storm Chasers make visit to Southwest

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The Southwest Saskatchewan storm season is here and with that comes some scary situations.

But it also creates some amazing backdrops for photos that dot Facebook and Instagram.

Storm Chaser Jenny Hagan, part of the Shear WX Severe Weather Chasers, was chasing storms in the area on July 7 and 8.

“The best thing about chasing in Saskatchewan is our wonderful wide open skies, and you can see these storms coming for miles,” said Hagan.

Hagan was in the area chasing a storm cell from Southern Alberta that had the possibility of spawning a tornado.

She is a frequent visitor to the region.

“As a severe weather chaser I see storm models of the southern part of the province and that’s why I hopped on out here this time,” explained Hagan, who passed through the communities of Shaunavon, Ponteix and Cabri - among others - last week.

Although these storms can be beautiful and amazing, Hagan reminds people to be vigilant and safe.

“A lot of these storms might not always look overly menacing, but in behind these rain curtains you can have risks of tornadoes and large hail that you can't see ahead of it," she explained. "So, I recommend that people who are out watching these storms to just kind of stick back a little bit from them, so they can stay safe.”

“It holds true what Environment Canada says 'when thunder roars go indoors.' - that's your safest spot,” she added.

Shear WX is a group of Storm Chasers from Alberta and Saskatchewan, but they go wherever the storms are. You can check them and all their storm photos out on their Facebook page Shear WX Severe Weather Chasers.

Jacob Miller, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Shaunavon Standard

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