Storm Ian causes floods, blackouts in Cuba

STORY: Cuba's already frail grid, largely dependent on antiquated, Soviet-era oil-fired generation plants, had been faltering for months ahead of the storm. But officials said Hurricane Ian had proven too much, knocking out power even in far eastern Cuba, which was largely unaffected by the storm.

By early morning Wednesday, officials said some power had been restored to the areas with the least storm damage.

Havana caught the tail end of Ian as it barreled off the island and into the Gulf of Mexico towards Florida, leaving the city of more than 2 million strewn with a tangled mess of downed trees, trash, and electrical and telephone wire.

Large waves and gusty winds continued to lash the city early on Wednesday as workers began to clear roadways.

The state-run agency did not give an estimate for when power would be restored to Havana or points west.