You have a story. We want to help you tell it. Join us at one of our free workshops

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Join our writing and photography workshops for support and tell your story to the world. (Lianne Sabourin/CBC - image credit)
Join our writing and photography workshops for support and tell your story to the world. (Lianne Sabourin/CBC - image credit)

No matter where you live, what you do in life, you have a story. And we want to hear it.

If you pour concrete to build the tallest towers downtown, what view does that give you on city life? What about your time as a nanny, a teacher or driving a taxi? Taking your kids to soccer, or riding the CTrain. Where we work, how we relax, where we live — we all have communities.

Let us walk in your shoes a minute to see new sides of Calgary.

CBC Calgary is facilitating a new series of free community storytelling workshops. In writing and in photographs, we will be here to help you tell your story.

It's a chance to meet up with other Calgarians, share your experiences, and together brush up some storytelling skills.

The group training and one-on-one coaching are free. You don't have to be a professional writer, and don't worry if you think your English isn't great. Ya gotta start somewhere, and together we'll support each other.

Free support at our workshops

In a series of four in-person writing workshops, we'll take you through the process of writing your story. We'll even have special guests to share their writing experiences. We'll talk about everything from where to begin, how to use key anecdotes and when a splash of colour can make your story come alive.

By the end, you should have a rough draft you can be proud of and, if you like, you can pitch that to as one of our special First Person stories. We're hoping you might.

The photography workshops are similar. A professional photographer on staff will guide the group through the technical skills and the art form of telling true stories with our images.

For us, it's a way to understand our community better. Plus, it will be fun, you'll get to build new skills, meet others and be part of something amazing. Because telling a true story, your story, can be a powerful thing.

Upcoming workshops

Times are tough. What's your source of strength?

Held at the Genesis Centre, organized with help from the Genesis Centre.

When: Tuesday evenings in July.

Registration and details.

Shift(ing) work

Tell us your stories of work — how it's changed over the past few years and what it means to you.

When: August, location TBD (south Calgary).

Registration and details coming.

Workshops in the past or underway

Stories from the Northern Hills

Held at Vivo, organized with help from the Northern Hills Community Association.

When: June 2022, ongoing.


A view on renting

Photography workshop telling stories of renting in Calgary.

When: May-June 2022, ongoing.


Family Caregivers: The challenge and beauty of caring for frail loved ones at home

When: Fall 2021, held with help from Caregivers Alberta.

Read the results:

Do you have an idea for a theme? Is there a community you'd love to see us connect with? Reach out to Elise Stolte at We're hoping to bring this opportunity to all parts of the city in time.

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