“Stranger Things”' Millie Bobby Brown had to make her mom agree to stop sending her sad animal TikToks

“Stranger Things”' Millie Bobby Brown had to make her mom agree to stop sending her sad animal TikToks


Millie Bobby Brown's heart simply cannot take any more sad animal TikToks.

The Stranger Things star was asked during a recent BuzzFeed interview whom she sends the most memes and TikTok videos to in her life. After admitting that she doesn't have the app, Brown said she has "been contemplating blocking" her mom, Kelly, because she's been sending her way too many "sad, sad TikToks of dogs being rehabilitated."

"I've now had to come forward and tell her, 'I can't have any of this end sadly,'" she explained. "Because I walk right onto stage for something really important and I just watched a cat be hit by a car. So I'm like, 'This is not something that I want to ever be sent to me ever again.'"

While her mother reminded her that tragic animal accidents do happen, Brown told her that doesn't mean she has to see them unfold on her phone. "I'm like, 'Let's not make this normal. This isn't normal,'" she said. "So we have made an agreement now that only happy videos thus far."

Brown is the proud owner of several animals, including eight dogs, four cats, three goats (Biggie Smalls, Slick Rick, and Cardi B), one donkey, one pony, one sheep, and one rabbit. She also previously owned two tortoises but has since donated them to a local classroom.

The Nineteen Steps author, who came out with her own pet collection, also works frequently with local shelters and, last month, helped nurse a dog named Chloe back to health so that she could be adopted by a loving family.

"I wanted to give her the love and patience she hadn't been shown before," she wrote about the pet on Instagram. "This is Chloe's story, and hers is one of many. Look after your pets, love them with your whole heart, and open your door to some that need that extra TLC."

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