Strata raises concerns over community garden

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A community garden proposed on Railway Avenue, next to Branscombe House, is being met with concern by residents of a nearby complex.

Birchwood Estates strata chair Roidon Lamb will address councillors at a parks, recreation and community services meeting later this month. Lamb says many residents in the 65-unit complex at 4800 Trimaran Dr. have issues with the proposed garden’s location.

“Why would a beautiful park be destroyed to accommodate 40 gardeners, who use it for six months of the year and the rest of the year it is a total eyesore?” Lamb asked in an email to the city.

“In its present state, dozens of people use it year-round, with their kids, not only from our complex (but) several surrounding areas as well.”

Lamb’s other concerns include increased rodent presence, manure smell, rotting produce and flies, foot traffic and security issues. She notes that other community gardens in Richmond have been vandalized.

City spokesperson Clay Adams says the size and scope of the planned garden has not yet been determined. Public consultation is planned.

“Parks staff is considering a seven- to 10-metre offset from the parking lot, which is also offset from the back fences another three to four metres. The city is also proposing a fence to enclose the community garden similar to those installed in other such gardens. Any layout and number of plots will all depend on consultation with the community,” says Adams.

Hannah Scott, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Richmond Sentinel

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