Strategic planning in South Stormont

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LONG SAULT—During the March 24 South Stormont council meeting, councillors were provided information from MDB Insight on community strategy for the municipality. As the presentation began, Clark Hoskin from MDB explained that the municipality strategic planning program was nearing completion, with insight needed from councillors on municipal goals, guiding principals and vision statement. Hoskin continued that direction was needed from council regarding the vision statement for the municipality. Three options were presented to councillors, namely Option A, Option B and Option C. Option B stated how “South Stormont is a progressive, family-friendly community, welcoming all to celebrate its natural beauty and exceptional quality of life.” This appeared to meet the approval of council members. He noted that in discussions with municipal staff, five guiding principals that encompass “the values of the community and the municipality” were presented: these included collaboration, consideration, progressive, welcoming, and informed decision making. Goals and objectives were also discussed in the report provided to council, with Hoskin providing additional information. The goals included corporate capacity, sustainable infrastructure, economic development, pride of place and regional alliances. Council members agreed with the five guiding principals as well as the goals as presented. Hoskin explained how after the strategy is finalized, the draft report will be sent to those who had been previously interviewed and once this is done the completed report would be provided to staff and council. Chief administrative officer Debi LucasSwitzer told council the senior administration team were planning to work on a decision tree which will outline “how and why decisions are arrived at in terms of our recommendations to council” in reports, as well as developed performance measurements.

Carolyn Goddard, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Chesterville Record