Strathmore Sobey’s participating in Toonies for Tummies

The Strathmore Sobey’s is participating the national charity initiative, Toonies for Tummies, helping to raise money to finance healthy breakfasts for children.

Toonies for Tummies is a program which operates incrementally from January through March with various grocery store chains in order to meet their goals to provide food for school children.

Based on information available via their website, 100 per cent of donations raised during the campaign go toward feeding hungry kids.

“All of our funds go toward Hope Community Covenant Church which runs a program called School Fuel and they provide free breakfast and nutritional snacks in the morning for children who are in need,” said Niel Kennedy, owner of the Strathmore Sobey’s.

Toonies for Tummies, as well as School Fuel are a part of the Breakfast Club of Canada, which operates to ensure kids are going to school well fed and have access to proper nutrition in a safe and supportive environment.

The Toonies for Tummies program has been operating with different grocery chains this year since Jan. 16, working in two-week increments.

Aside from directly in store, options have also been made available to donate online to support students, including one-time donations, monthly, and the option to feed a student for a year.

School Fuel Coordinator Brandi Bobee said School Fuel is currently feeding approximately 320 kids within the Strathmore community.

“Currently we are providing breakfast for all the elementary schools, junior high, high school and the Storefront School, just not the Catholic schools or Trinity, but every other school in town,” she said.

Kennedy added the volunteers who provide support for the School Fuel program will typically spend a day preparing snacks for kids, while others work to distribute the food once prepared.

“We (Strathmore Sobey’s) also give a discount on some of the most popular items that (the volunteers) buy. They get staple-items that they come back for every week,” he said. “Things like fresh fruit, cheese (and similar snacks), and the ingredients for the muffins that they make.”

Via their website, the Grocery Foundation has committed to adding supported programs through Toonies for Tummies every year when the initiative operates. They currently boast over 3,000 supported children’s health programs across Canada.

More information regarding Toonies for Tummies, the programs and locations it supports, as well as how to donate is available via the Grocery Foundation website.

Information regarding how to volunteer to help with the local School Fuel program is available by contacting or by contacting the church at 403-934-2424.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times