Streamer and Twitch mod ‘accidentally’ fall in love sparking conversation about romance on the app

People are falling in love with their Twitch moderators. It begs the question: Is Twitch a dating site?

The revelation unfolded when Twitter user @jjessticles revealed she flew overseas after “accidentally” falling in love with her mod. What may have been most surprising was that tons of people shared similar meet-cutes on Twitch after her tweet went viral.

“Accidently fell in love with my twitch mod so I flew 30+ hours to be with him. #TwitchIsADatingSite ?” she wrote in the tweet.

A Twitch moderator, or “mod,” is a designated team member who ensures that the chat complies with content standards created by the streamer. According to Twitch, they do so “by removing offensive posts and spam that detracts from conversations.” Apparently, there’s a lot of wiggle room here for romance.

“ME TOO!! Long distance sucks but it’s so worth it. This makes me so happy to see,” @amyelizabxth_ said on Twitter.

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“Me too! Long distance is a pain been together for over a year and six months but so worth it! Met on twitch in a raid then we was mods for one another and the adventure continues,” @EmmaRender3 replied to the post.

“My love started as my mod, then flew all the way from Florida to the UK to visit me. Now we’re getting married. #Twitchisadatingsitenotreally,” @MrRusty_ said, sharing a photo with his love.

“Yo sammmeeeeeeee. Twitch IS a dating site,” @IamJems_ chimed into share.

“My boyfriend and I met through Twitch! He moved in with me from Ireland August just gone and we’re celebrating 1 year together tomorrow!” @EJKoala8 reacted on Twitter.

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