‘Having a breakdown’: Camila Cabello recalls viral wardrobe malfunction at Met Gala

Don’t believe everything you see on TikTok, folks.

Camila Cabello admitted she was in fear of being “canceled” after a few users of the app accused her of carrying a $25,000 bag to the Met Gala last month.

Appearing on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” the pop star cleared up a few things.

First off: The viral bag no longer even exists, because it melted. The material designer Jane Wade used was ice, and not the diamond version.

“It’s water, frozen,” Cabello explained of the purse that contained a dried rose from craft supplies site Etsy. “You can make it at home!”

Carrying around a cold clutch that was literally disappearing in her hands wasn’t exactly a laugh a minute.

“I was just stressed!” the “I Luv It” singer admitted.

To top things off, the bag’s strap also broke right before the Fifth Harmony-er hit the museum’s iconic steps to pose for paps after somebody “accidentally moved it.”

“This is the thing that you least want to have happen is a bunch of famous people looking at you having a breakdown,” the Miami native said.

In Instagram pictures from the chichi event, the 27 year old looks the opposite of stressed, though, posing like a pro.

If certain TikTokers had seen Cabello’s caption, her fashion situation would have been, um, likely more clear:

“Icy and dripping. Oops.”