Aftershocks continue in B.C. after Christmas Eve earthquake

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Aftershocks continue in B.C. after Christmas Eve earthquake
Aftershocks continue in B.C. after Christmas Eve earthquake

It's been an active week of seismic activity in British Columbia, which began with a string of earthquakes Monday.

Now, an eighth and ninth quake have registered on Christmas Day. The first was a 3.6 tremor in the Pacific Ocean, approximately 150 kilometres west of Port Alice, B.C. No damage occurred and there was no tsunami threat. It happened around 8:30 a.m. local time.


The second quake struck around 12:30 p.m. local time in the same general vicinity, around 200 kilometres west of Port Hardy. It originally registered as a magnitude 4.9 but was lowered to 4.8 shortly after. There was no damage reported.


According to Natural Resources Canada (NRA), the first tremor on Christmas Day was considered to be an aftershock of the larger 6.2 quake that struck the same general area on Christmas Eve, said Andrew Schaeffer, an NRA earthquake seismologist.

"Having earthquakes in this region is completely normal. We're used to a lot of them there," he told CBC News.

The Christmas Day quakes were among about 15 between magnitudes 2 and 3 to hit the area in a string of activity that started Dec. 23. Earthquakes of those sizes do not produce tsunamis and "almost certainly" cannot be felt by anyone when they occur so far off shore, Schaeffer added.


A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck 188 kilometres west of Port Hardy, British Columbia on Tuesday at 7:36 p.m., according to Earthquakes Canada. There were reports of minor shaking in Richmond, B.C. and there is currently no tsunami warning in effect.

This earthquake adds to the list of tremors experienced in B.C. this week, as five quakes with magnitudes ranging between 4.0 and 6.0. were detected on Monday.

The earthquake on Christmas Eve was the seventh in a two day period off the B.C. coast.

December has become B.C.’s most active earthquake month this year as a total of eight tremors have been recorded so far. February was the second most active earthquake month for B.C. with a total of 5 earthquakes, which all occurred west of Port Hardy.

On Monday five earthquakes occurred in the Pacific Ocean within an 8 hour period with the following magnitudes: 5.1 (8:44 a.m. PT), 5.6 (11:13 a.m.), 5.8 (11:49 a.m.), 6.0 (12:56 p.m.) and 4.8 (3:38 p.m.). A few hours later an earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 4.3 was detected at 9:32 p.m. approximately 29 kilometres west of the village of Queen Charlotte.