ERCA upgrades flood watch to a warning in Leamington

A flood watch for parts of Leamington has been upgraded to a warning from the Essex Region Conservation Authority as water whipped by powerful winds continues to flood area roads.

Residents in Kingsville, the eastern limit of the town of Essex, parts of Leamington and Point Pelee were warned Tuesday afternoon that localized flooding was possible.

Gusts of wind from the southwest and west blowing at 40 km/h and gusting up to 60 km/h are expected to push waves up over the break walls, causing shoreline erosion.

There have already been reports of waves and spray washing over Point Pelee Drive and Robson Road, according to ERCA.

"Drivers should take extreme caution in accessing any areas where waters are obvious at the shoulder of the road or encroaching over road surfaces," the flood watch warns.