Student throws ‘boiling hot ramen noodles’ at teacher’s face, Massachusetts cops say

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A middle school student burned his teacher by hurling a “cup of boiling hot ramen noodles” at her face, leaving her in “excruciating pain” in Massachusetts, according to authorities in Boston.

The teacher reported the May 5 incident to police hours after the McKinley Middle School principal said “they would call 911 but did not do so” when they were notified, a police report obtained by McClatchy News said. The school is in Boston.

The student is facing a charge of aggravated assault as a juvenile after a delinquency complaint was filed against him on May 11, according to the report.

He is 14 years old, the Boston Herald reported.

Officials at Boston Public Schools are reviewing the police report and said in a statement provided by a spokesperson to McClatchy News that the incident was “unfortunate.”

“Actions were taken to ensure the safety of the staff member involved and appropriate interventions have occurred,” the statement said.

On May 5, the accused teen was eating lunch in the teacher’s classroom with other students when the teacher said she asked him “not to use a textbook …to help him warm up his ramen noodles,” according to the report. The teacher suggested using another item so the book would not get destroyed in the microwave.

Then, the teacher said she asked for the textbook before removing it from the student’s desk, according to police. However, the student ripped the book from his teacher’s hands.

Afterward, the teen “stood up from his seat” and threw the cup of noodles at the teacher’s face, causing the left side of her face, ear and eye to sting, the report said. A school nurse helped with the teacher’s injuries before advising her to see a doctor.

The teacher also “notified” the principal, who is accused of not calling police about the matter, the report said.

The student initially heated up his ramen noodles with “the hot side of a water bubbler” when he was not allowed to do so, according to the report.

Police reported the teacher had “redness” inside her left ear and “swelling, pain and minor burns on (her) left cheek” as major injuries.

“Our protocol when such incidents occur is to put in place a safety plan for everyone involved, which is currently underway,” the Boston Public Schools statement said.

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