Students back to online learning

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Students, parents and teachers were hoping restrictions wouldn’t affect the school since they’ve only just got back into the classroom. Unfortunately, Alberta Health implemented the one week at home learning in hopes of curbing new covid cases. As Dr. Hinshaw mentioned before Christmas, placing the students on an extended leave from the classroom would allow that extra time to recover should anyone have contracted the virus during the holiday.

Fox Creek School staff issued out Chromebooks and all the necessary learning tools to the students before the Christmas break to ensure all students will be ready for the first day back on January 4. Students and parents may find online learning a bit tougher this time around. All students are expected to maintain the same scheduling from home as they would in the classroom. Depending on the class, students must be prepared and logged in on computers for 8:45 am and follow the classroom schedule, ending the day at 3:25 pm. It will be a challenging week to spend that much time focusing on a computer screen for many. However, students need to remain positive and hope for the best.

Based on Hinshaw’s last report, schools are expected to reopen with regular classes resuming for Monday. However, as we know, those goals could change pending on the number of new cases and the further spread of the virus. Northern Gateway Public Schools has indicated updates will be posted on its website once confirmation is received.

Vicki Winger, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Whitecourt Press