Students brought to tears after Robert E. Lee high school's name change

Aris Folley,

Texas students were brought to tears Monday after Robert E. Lee High School was renamed Legacy of Educational Excellence High School (LEE HS). 

The decision arrived after the San Antonio high school voted to change the school's name on Monday afternoon amid tensions around Confederate symbols following the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va. in August.

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The school district voted 5:2 to rename the school and, to some, seemingly kept the LEE part as a move to placate all students about the change. 

But some students were still very upset with the new name, especially those seen in the video below, whose reactions have since garnered the attention of thousands on Twitter.

And the backlash was swift as ever on as Twitters users caught on to the video. 

"His own descendants said they don’t want monuments or anything named after him [because] they’re embarrassed by him," one user tweeted, while another person wrote: "You would think Robert E Lee was their great uncle or something lmao."

Many online thought the students were overreacting to the name change, pointing out that the acronym LEE still bore some semblance to the original name.

And others wondered why any teenagers would care so much about the high school in general.

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