Students' Chalk the Walk' at Townsview School

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Townview School celebrated Student Appreciation from May 22 to 28; the results are written at the school's entrance.

A Chalk the Walk challenge was part of the week-long Home and School initiative, which included sock hops, and ice cream treats, as part of a series of daily fun events.

Until Thursday's rain washed away some of the messages, the school's massive front walkway delivered dozens of cheerful and colourful chalk messages.

"The whole school took part," said Brittney Toner of the Home and School committee.

The chalk drawings and words offered drawings of students' favourite movie and animation characters, words of wisdom or simply some art.

The most common words delivered a simple but important message. "Be Kind" and "Respect."

Toner said Student Appreciation Week is a chance to enhance the school's fun and positive side before the year ends.

Jim Dumville, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, River Valley Sun