Stuff a Stocking for Seniors campaign returns

The Rack on Third’s annual Stuff a Stocking for Seniors campaign is back and seeking folks to support the project once again.

Marlene Risdon, owner and operator of The Rack on Third, is once again organizing the campaign, and aims to see more names than ever supported for the holiday season.

“This is the third year I’ve done it. For the month of November, I get names of seniors and what they might want to receive,” she said. “Then, Dec. 1, people can start collecting those names and filling those requests. It has been great – I’m getting emails asking when folks can come get a name and I have already had people reserving names.”

Risdon explained things to fill senior’s stockings with often includes things like chocolate, playing cards, word search games, scarves, gloves, mittens, and other simple things to make life easier.

She said she is hoping to see the names of 700 seniors come into her collection to be supported this year.

For those who are interested in collecting a name, once the request has been filled, it is the person who collected the name’s responsibility to ensure the package gets delivered.

“The donor delivers it to whoever they’ve got. They may have a phone number which they can arrange a time for drop off, or if the senior lives at a lodge, they can drop it off there,” said Risdon. “I get reports back a lot. People will take something to a house and the person will start crying because some strangers actually thought of them to buy a present for.”

She added, often families will drop by The Rack on Third and will all collect names to get presents for. Another option is to simply drop off some cash at The Rack and let Risdon know which name to buy something for.

She is requesting for those who are interested in supporting the project to have collected a name and filled a request by Dec. 23 so there is time before Christmas to ensure all the deliveries are made.

Folks can drop by The Rack anytime during open hours to collect a name or drop off a donation, once Dec. 1 rolls around.

Risdon recommends budgeting around $20 to $30 for the senior who they intend to support, but noted some people have taken that a bit further.

“I know some people who have spent over $100, which is a bit much to spend on one person. I’d rather they take two or three names,” she said.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times